Advice and Expertise

Our consulting service supports you in your international investment and acquisition processes. We can appraise, restore your jewelry or old stones, in order to put your goods back on sale.

Investments &

Do you want to negotiate or buy precious stones internationally accompanied by expert gemologists?

We act as consultants if you want to invest in gold, rough diamonds or colored stones.

Voyage Afrique David

Expertise service

We appraise and evaluate new or old jewelry, colored stones, cut diamonds and rough diamonds.

Please contact us for advice and to make a price estimate (quote).

Consulting service

We are available as an advisor to guide anyone wishing to start in the field of jewelry creation or in the purchase and resale of precious stones.

Consulting Bijoux

Gemstone Certificate

We work with the ALGT laboratory (Antwerp Laboratory for Gemstone Testing), for all requests for advanced certification of colored stones or diamonds.

Advanced Analytics service

GemmoSphere™ is a powerful UV-Vis-NIR spectrometer specially designed and built for gemology laboratories and centers.

We use it as a demonstration tool for our students or to perform advanced tests.