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Jewelry expertise

This course teaches you how to appraise and evaluate the value of a jewel.

Discover the factors that make the value of a jewel

This course requires the basic gemmology course, synthetic stones and the essentials on colored stones as a prerequisite. You can also take this training, if you already have another degree in gemology.

During this course, you will learn about the methods to determine the value of jewelry. Beyond the theoretical content, practical work is carried out on jewelry and a wide range of precious stones.

Topics covered and tools available during the course

  • The different methods of manufacturing jewelry.
  • Mastering sales and buying techniques.
  • Use of instruments and tables to calculate:  the weight of stones and metals, as well as the final price.
  • Use of instruments to define whether a stone is natural, imitated or synthetic.
  • The factors constituting the value of colored stones and diamonds.
  • Know how to establish and calculate a quote for an old / recent jewel, an inheritance, an insurance, etc.
  • Know the precious metals used in jewelry and the corresponding hallmarks.
  • Know how to recognize the rarity and quality of a jewel.
  • Know how to write a certificate of value or authenticity for a jewel.
  • The terms of use for an expert writing.
  • Instruments available:  10x loupe, tweezers, vertical/horizontal microscope, immersion liquid, dichroscope, refractometer, polariscope, conoscope, spectroscope, optical fiber, ultra violet, hydrostatic balance and gauge.
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Work equipment

  • Support: jewelry expertise.
  • Book: Gemstone Weight Estimation (Richard T.  Liddicoat).

The courses are arranged according to your availability

The dates & times of the courses are to be agreed between the student and the teacher. The schedules are Monday to Friday from 9am to 12pm and from 2pm to 5pm, and Saturday from 9am to 12pm. If you are not available during the day, a range can be agreed in the evening from 6pm to 9pm (except Saturday and Sunday).

The total duration of the course is 45 hours, fifteen lessons of three hours.

Price of the course, CHF 2600.

This course is taught by David Arredondo, teacher responsible for gemmology and precious metals courses.

A certificate is delivered following an exam. The test lasts three hours, consisting of a theoretical and practical part.