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DAVID CRAFT is a teaching institute founded in 1995 by David Arredondo, specializing in gemology, jewelry creation, stone cutting, expertise and consulting.

DAVID comes from a family of jewelers, who through his training and years of experience had the idea of establishing a place in Geneva for sharing and creation (CRAFT). He developed the school first alone, then gradually was joined by his three sons, who today each brings their knowledge, creativity and skills.

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David Arredondo

Trainer responsible for gemology and precious metals courses. David comes from a family of jewelers and has been exploring gemology for over 35 years. His experience comes as much from the analytical work carried out in the laboratory as from his activity in the field (consultant during business trips, sales management, stone expertise. Thanks to his acquired knowledge, he has also collaborated for several years with major Swiss and international jewelry brands for sales, staff training and expertise.

Languages spoken: French, English, German, Spanish & Italian.

Contact : +41 79 403 74 48 / jeweler@bluewin.ch

  • Certified trainer FSEA1, Swiss federation for continuing education
  • Member of the Gem-A School of Gemology in London
  • Diploma, Deutsche Gemmologische Gesellschaft,  Gem.G / FGG
  • DIPLOMA HRD planning rough diamonds, Antwerp
  • Diploma IGI rough diamond course, Antwerp
  • CFH diploma, sales and consulting for jewelry and watchmaking
David Arredondo

Samuel Arredondo

In charge of the creative pole of DAVID CRAFT, his activities include Design (development of a theme around a jewel and its shaping, modeling of the jewel in 3D and the concretization of the jewel (management of a jewel project for individuals and companies, 3D printing). In parallel to his activity as a designer, Samuel Arredondo has been teaching drawing and CAD applied to jewelry since 2011.

Languages spoken: French, English, German, Swiss-German & Spanish.

Contact : +41 76 494 72 40 / sml.arredondo@gmail.com

  • ECAL Lausanne, Master of advanced studies (MAS) Design for luxury & craftsmanship.
  • HEAD Geneva, Graduate HES Visual Arts
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Gabriel Arredondo

Responsible for the practical courses and Gem-A exams of London, Gabriel teaches in parallel his gem cutting classes, or offers as well the following services: re-cutting, expertise, purchase and resale of stones.

Initially graduated from the Hotel Management School of Geneva, he began his career in the luxury sector as a hotelier. Also passionate about gems, he trained first at DAVID CRAFT in gem cutting; then studied at the Gem-A School of London to become a gemmologist FGA.

Languages spoken: French, English, German, Swiss-German & Spanish.

Contact : +41 78 751 85 65 / gabriel.arredondo@hotmail.com

  • Certified trainer FSEA1, Swiss federation for continuing education
  • Member of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain (Gem-A)
  • Graduate, Gemmologist FGA, Gem-A London
  • Chartered trainer, Gem-A practical courses
  • Gem Cutter David Craft Geneva
  • Graduate, Hotel Management School of Geneva
Arredondo Gabriel

Elias Arredondo

Elias joined the family structure in 2019. A graduate in 3D Polydesign at the Geneva School of Applied Arts, he is in charge of the design of the various supports at DAVID CRAFT.

He’s currently following the Gem-A gemmology formation in order to become a gemmologist FGA

  • Graduate HRD Basic gemmology, Antwerp
  • Graduate School of Applied Arts Geneva (Polydesign 3D)
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