Our partners

Since 1995, we have been striving to expand our network of quality partners and suppliers, offering our customers a trusted service and students a tailor-made education.


We have been supporting and working in partnership for fifteen years with the Gem-A School in London. Our vocation is to support their students, by offering the opportunity to do the practical Gem-A courses, as well as the exams, within our David Craft Institute in Geneva.

The Gem-A school is renowned for its quality of teaching, it recognized worldwide and offers multiple training courses in gemology, face-to-face and online.


When a gemstone requires an advanced analysis or certificate, we call on the ALGT laboratory, located in Belgium (Antwerp).

The ALGT laboratory is equipped with the latest high-tech analytical instruments and uses the most advanced classification and identification techniques available, in accordance with globally recognized industry standards. It constantly improves and updates its instruments and staff according to the latest developments and market publications.