Our offices

The David Craft Institute has multiple meeting rooms which make it a suitable environment for learning and various requests that enable creativity.

Specialised in gemmology, jewelry creation, gem cutting, expertise and consulting; we give you the opportunity to specialise in a bright and family friendly space.

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Main gemmology room

Room equipped with a large library and gemological instruments, this space allows you to do your studies and analyses with complete and professional equipment.

Salle de gemmologie

Jewelry design room

A creative space dedicated to jewelry design, it is equipped with computers and 3D printers for your personalised creations.

Gem cutting and gemmology room

Versatile workshop and study room, equipped with gemological instruments for the analysis of stones, and machines for the cutting of colored stones.

Salle de taille & pratique

Gemmology room

Room equipped with all gemological instruments, designed to carry out analyses and studies in small groups.

Salle de gemmologie 2

Green space Château Banquet

We are located a few steps from the Parc Château Banquet, giving you the opportunity to take your breaks in a beautiful green space.

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