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Gem faceting class
Level II

Would you like to perfect your knowledge of the art of gem cutting, study diagrams on computerised program and realise two advanced creations ?

Mastering the advanced principles and techniques of cutting

This course requires as a prerequisite the course of “Gem faceting class Level 1”.

This class puts you in the position as an advanced lapidary, designed to perfect your knowledge and express all your creativity through practice.

The goal is to know how to analyse and customise the work plans on software (Gem Cut Studio). Then to cut two shapes level 2 ideally proportioned, in order to obtain an optimal colour and shine.

You start first with a historical shape, the emerald cut. Then the mixed cut, to discover the variety of effects on a composite form.

The lessons are mainly composed of practical exercises, accompanied by theoretical explanations and a theoretical folder of 100 pages.

Topics covered during the training

  • The faceting machines and its tools.
  • Introduction to gemmology.
  • Calculation of the critical and extinction angle.
  • The pleochroism of coloured stones.
  • The crystalline systems and cleavages.
  • The hardness and toughness of stones.
  • The optical characteristics.
  • The harmonic ratios and proportions.
  • The quality criteria and their values.
  • Yield evaluation.
  • Sawing and preforming techniques.
  • Gluing and cementing techniques.
  • Advanced faceting and polishing techniques.
  • Advanced dop transfer techniques.
  • Demonstration of the Gem Cut Studio software.
  • Creation of custom diagrams on GCS.


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Tools available

  • Faceting machine and its accessories
  • Cutting machine/saw and its accessories
  • Grinding wheels and its accessories
  • Dremel and its accessories

Your creations

  • Realisation of custom diagrams on GCS
  • Realisation of a faceted stone in emerald cut.
  • Realisation of a faceted stone in mixed cut.
  • The stones created will belong to you !

The courses are arranged according to availability

Classes can be organised from Monday to Friday from 9am to 12pm and from 1.30pm to 4.30pm. Depending on the availability of the teacher, the courses can be flexibly modulated.

The total duration of the course is 36 hours, twelve lessons of three hours.

Price of the training, CHF 1650.

This course is taught by Gabriel Arredondo, trainer responsible for the Gem-A courses and gem cutting.

Certificate issued after completion of the course.